EDI and VAN Explained

From EDI transactions to choosing an EDI VAN, and so much more.

Get your guide to all things EDI and VAN

More than 85% of all electronic business transactions take place using Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).

Whether you’re looking to optimize value-added network (VAN) collaboration, streamline B2B integration, or explain EDI benefits to your colleagues, EDI and VAN Explained is for you.

This comprehensive eBook details EDI and VAN essentials, from A to Z. Learn:

  • The fundamentals of EDI and VAN, ranging from EDI to VAN integration and solutions – all in simple language
  • The benefits of a modern EDI VAN that help you simplify B2B collaboration
  • How to implement a B2B program by using the right solutions for your business
  • Top tips for achieving EDI VAN success

Who should read this guide?

EDI and VAN Explained provides you with a handy book full of everything you need to know to get more from your EDI investment. Written with senior management in mind, it’s ideal for anyone who wants to know how EDI can help drive digital transformation within your business. You’ll also discover how to optimize your existing EDI VAN infrastructure to increase the performance of your business and your supply chain, while improving the experience of trading partners and customers.

Learn all about EDI. Download EDI and VAN Explained.